Product Reviews [45]

Paddle bag

Do you keep chucking your split paddles in the boot and wondering where all those chips and scratches are coming from? The solution is here with a nifty foam padded paddle bag (try saying that five times really fast). Made of durable Cordura nylon with a stainless steel zipper, internal partitions to separate your paddle halves and handy pockets inside, this little beauty is sure to keep your paddle spick and span for years to come. $98.50 from Ocean Planet.

Hood ornaments

Forgotten how hard sand is? So had the Editor. It’s too late for his sorry excuse for a mind, but you can still protect your brain with a helmet when you’re in the surf or playing near the rocks. Various models start from $49.50 at Ocean Planet.

Waterproof cases

Perhaps you don’t carry quite as much paraphernalia as the Editor when you go out on the sea, but if you have anything even remotely valuable or something that doesn’t like the sea salt (come to think of it – what does?), then a hard, waterproof case is the thing for you. Coming in a l-a-r-g-e range of sizes and colours, the Pelican case is the toughest in the world. They start from $69.65 at Ocean Planet.