In Memoriam [45]

by Mark Pearson

Tragically, Mona Hessing, long time companion of Norm Sanders, was killed in a car crash near Braidwood on Saturday 21st April.

Mona, a person of some renown in the art world, was not a ‘water’, nor even an ‘outdoorsy’ person, but was always the perfect hostess for the paddlers who so often dropped by, or stayed, at their home in Tuross. Mona did however attend, and enjoy, a couple of Rock ‘n’ Roll weekends. She had a wry appreciation of what we were about, and why we felt the need to talk incessantly about foot pumps and epoxy resin.

But to me, and I suspect many others, Mona was simply one of those special, unique people. Last winter, during a period of some trauma in my own personal life, I spent several weekends at Tuross. Untypically, I found myself talking openly to Mona about my troubles. I was rewarded by gentle words of wisdom born of her own rich and traumatic life journey. I invariably came away from those conversations feeling both enlightened and uplifted. The world did not seem such a dark place. I am sure my experience was not unique.

Mona’s sudden loss is especially deeply felt by her friends and loved ones, and our thoughts are with Norm in this difficult time. Her spirit lives on in those that knew her.