Close Encounters [44]

By Mark Pearson

Another episode in this enlightening series as Mark ‘Fishkiller’ Pearson experiences more real life contact with the general public… scary thought, innit…

Tallowa Dam, Sunday 29th of October 2000. Conditions: Weather fine… Fishkiller also in fine form…

Six sleek and sexy sea kayaks are rapidly overhauling a number of commercial canoes.

FK passes a man and woman who are doing it a bit tough…

FK: “How’s it going?”

Man: “Bit of a struggle… nice looking sea kayak…”

FK: “Thanks, they go well.”

Man: “Better than this, that’s for sure… these things are hopeless in the wind. I’d love to get a sea kayak… bit out of my price range though…”

FK: “They don’t need to be… you could pick up something like that (nodding over at Matt Turner’s hideous orange Greenlander) for about $800.00.”

Man: “Yeah? But I’m not sure I’m ready for what you guys do… been reading some stuff on the web…”

FK: “Was that the NSW Club site?”

Man: “Yeah… think so, read all about those huge waves and broken kayaks and stuff… sounds hairy!”

FK: “Well don’t let that put you off… I know for a fact that a lot of that stuff is exaggerated and distorted… some of our blokes get a bit carried away writing it up… most of the time nothing much happens…”

Man: “Oh I dunno mate, and (nodding at the woman) don’t think me missus would be too keen either…”

Missus: “Yeah, there’s no way he’s going out there!”

Fishkiller’s work done, he paddles off into the distance…