Book Reviews [44]

By the Editor

The Dreamtime Voyage – Around Australia Kayak Odyssey

by Paul Caffyn (ISBN 9-416479-000259)

$46.15 from Boat Books

Paul Caffyn is one of the legends of sea kayaking, and in this book it is easy to see why. This book is Paul’s story of his kayak circumnavigation of Australia over 360 days, covering some 15,000 kilometres.

Combining all of Paul’s experience, he talks of surf and cyclones, sharks and crocodiles, interaction with coastal dwellers and great descriptions of the ruggedness and beauty of the Australian coastline.

For nearly four months of his journey Paul was paddling solo around the north of Australia, and these narratives make for some interesting reading.

A must read for anyone planning on their own epic voyage.

Extreme Sea Kayaking

by Eric Soares and Michael Powers (ISBN 0-07-050718-X)

$38.45 from Boat Books

Want to compete with the Tsunami Rangers? Want to give your local rocky outcrop a hiding? Then this book is for you. Veteran Tsunami Rangers Eric Soares and Michael Powers detail how to handle pounding surf, rocky coasts and rough open seas, all in the name of good fun.

Handling techniques, paddle strokes, hand signals, navigation methods and open sea survival are all well detailed, providing good preparation for all sorts of sea conditions, including storms, caves, collisions, darkness, fog, sharks, currents, winds and cold water.

You’ll no doubt consider these guys lunatics when you first pick up this book, but it’s a great resource for those expert kayakers looking for a new challenge as well as providing really good information for novice paddlers wanting to stay safe.

Canoeing the Rivers and Lakes of Queensland and the Northern Territory

by Chris and Yvonne McLaughlin (ISBN 0-1-9588417-3-X)

$14.25 from Boat Books

Yes, yes… I know it says canoeing and it does say rivers and lakes, but it really is a great book for ALL water-based recreation lovers (that means you). ACF qualified instructors Chris and Yvonne McLaughlin say there’s nothing better than paddling your own canoe, and who are we to argue with that philosophy!

Excellent information on rivers, lakes and islands includes localities, major features, access points, camping sites, climate and maps which all make this book a valuable resource for anyone contemplating a trip through Queensland or the Northern Territory by kayak.

Get your gear together, pack that yak and plan your trip today!