Web Site Reviews [43]

The Great Cardboard Boat Regatta
The website of the original cardboard boating event, this is a premier event in America attracting 1,500 participants each year. Participants must create a vessel from cardboard that will survive several water trips.

Perhaps an ideal event for the plywood boat fanatics to test their designs and skills on…

Bergen University Kayak Club
Situated on the west coast of Norway, this club undertakes sea and whitewater kayaking trips.

Great pictures of the COLD coastline and kayaking through ice make for worthwhile viewing. I just wish I could read Norwegian…

Doug’s Boat Page
A wooden boat builder, Doug has created this website as a resource to wooden kayak building.

Free plans, links to boat design software, good photos of finished products, interesting links and a good list of resources make this a great site for anyone thinking about or already building a kayak.