Quotable Notables [43]

“Young Norman has been feeding you too much bulkhead hatch propaganda. It’s all lies Mark, all lies… but it’s not too late for us to save your soul. While Norman is away, come on over to the good side, join us guys in the white hats!”
Dave Winkworth, preparing for another plywood boat roasting over his favourite bonfire…

“I love my Skerray and think it is wonderful. A pinnacle of kayak evolution – a veritable delight in gauntlet, cave and surf. I’ll have nothing said against Skerray’s…  Especially as it’s for sale…”
Nick Gill, professing a dubiously titillating love for his hopefully soon to be ex-kayak

“I reckon it is the croc who deserves the award… biting Arunas cannot have been a pleasant experience…”
Jim Croft, on hearing of Dave Winkworth’s very impressive nomination for a Bravery Award for the gallant saving of the venerable Arunas Pilka

“…well, OK, David’s action was sort of brave… But the truth is that David and Arunas had been sharing a tent for 3 weeks, and I suspect David was simply terrified at the prospect of sleeping alone…”
What is any discussion without Mark ‘Fishkiller’ Pearson’s two cents worth?

“Is it also true that Arunas was nominated for an award at the last Fishing Expo in Sydney? Berley of the year?”
Chris Halliday, proving that compassion and kayaking do not necessarily go hand in hand

“Congratulations Dave. I have always thought that there was too much fuss made over me and not enough of David. I am and will be eternally grateful for his actions. David has often said, modestly, that it was nothing and that in the same circumstances I would have done the same – I’m not so sure, we don’t really know how we will react when the crunch comes until it does, and Dave has proven himself to be truly worthy of any bravery award.”
The famous Arunas, making us all eat some humble pie for our distinct lack of moral fortitude…