It’s That Time Of The Year Again [43]

Membership Renewal Alert

Membership renewal time again… time for you all to raid the piggy banks and lift the lounge cushions for the necessaries to keep us functioning for another year…

Alas we cannot continue to function on the super-value membership fees that we have maintained for many, many years.

The Club’s two largest expenditures are the production and distribution of the Club magazine four times a year and Public Liability Insurance.

The magazine production costs have been slowly increasing over the past few years which is reflected in the standard of the magazine produced.

Public Liability Insurance was introduced last year and the premium has increased this year.

The membership fee has not increased significantly since the Club was established in the late 1980’s and the current membership fee does not reflect what the Club now has to offer.

To ensure the Club’s future existence and enable some expansion in areas such as training and assessments, a membership increase has to be implemented.

With this in mind, individual memberships are now $50.00 per year, and family memberships are now $55.00 per year.

All the normal training, insurance, trip opportunities and quarterly magazine issues are still provided as part of the yearly membership fee.

We are sure you will agree that the NSWSKC is still great value for money and I hope to see you on the water next year.

To renew your membership, simply complete the renewal form at the back of this magazine and pop it together with your cheque into the reply paid envelope enclosed with this magazine (no stamp required) and whiz it into your nearest post box.

Stuart Trueman – Secretary/Treasurer