Book Reviews [43]

A Ragged Mountain Press: Woman’s Guide – Sea Kayaing

By Shelley Johnson

$40.65 from Boat Books, ISBN 0-07-032955-9

A comprehensive guide to all facets of sea kayaking written from a woman’s perspective with women in mind, this book is also useful for any paddler at any level.

Useful information on equipment, technique and safety are well supplemented by subjects that are often avoided in many books, such as lifting and carrying kayaks, kayak and paddle selection for women, tips on peeing in a kayak and kayaking when pregnant, and an excellent section on reading wind, currents and waves.

And of course our mad Editor was extremely gratified to find plenty of pictures of folding kayaks throughout. Although this has no relevance to the subject of the book, it certainly shut our Editor up for a while, and that can only be a good thing…

Sea Kayaker: Deep Trouble

by Matt Broze & George Gronseth

$32.95 from Boat Books, ISBN 0-07-008499-8

Containing more than 20 accident and near-accident reports from US Sea Kayaker magazine, this book is a sobering look at the potential dangers faced by all of us each time we venture onto the water.

Some of the stories are unbelievable, some are downright scary, some make you shake your head in disbelief, and all leave you amazed at how these people survived, but each story instructs you with excellent tips, lessons and summaries from sea kayak legends Matt Broze, George Gronseth and Christopher Cunningham.

Fantastic tips and sobering thoughts make this a must read for all kayakers.

Complete Folding Kayaker

by Ralph Diaz

$38.45 from Boat Books, ISBN 0-07-016734-6

It would come as no surprise to find our skin kayak addict Editor jumping at a book called Complete Folding Kayaker, but this really is a good book about folding kayaks, from the Editor of Folding Kayaker newsletter, Ralph Diaz.

Although this book contains specific information for those ‘elitist’ folding kayakers, from boat history, boat construction, kayak selection and kayak reviews through to paddling, traveling and camping tips for folding kayakers, there is much to be gained by the ‘average’ kayaker.

Those hard shell kayakers may also finally learn why folding kayakers are so passionate about their craft, and why folders are the craft of choice for military organisations the world over as well as those tackling the most formidable journeys and open-water crossings.