Web Site Reviews [42]


REI – Without doubt the OSD’s favourite adventure sports store on-line (perhaps because he can’t find any others with his new-fangled computer). Regardless of the OSD’s techno-irreverence, this IS a good adventure sports store on-line, and you can find oodles of bits and pieces to enhance your paddling and non-paddling lifestyle. Find stuff for paddling, camping, hiking, climbing, cycling, snow sports, fishing – whatever you want to do out there – find the stuff you need to do it right here. A great ‘How To’ section helps you choose and care for gear, as well as providing good tips and tricks. You can also join up and become an REI member, which gives you significant savings and bonuses on your purchases.


Max @ School – The website of 23 year old Max, who strives for a greater sense of being and understanding through adventure and experience. In 1997 Max started a journey from Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada to Saint John, on the East Coast of Canada, travelling by kayak – via Nicaragua in Central America. This site, whilst not predominantly a kayaking site, details his experiences and adventures as he undertakes this monumental journey. Amazing anecdotes, thoughts and inspirations will keep you logging back on as the journey unfolds.


Newsgroups – People usually either love ’em or hate ’em. For those who love ’em, this is a good source of paddling information. The group also has two splinter groups – news:rec.boats.paddle.touring and news:rec.boats.paddle.whitewater which enable a little ‘refinement’ of your news. Most of the people involved in the groups are from the USA and are highly opinionated (remind you of anyone?), but you can get some excellent tips and tricks from reading their postings, as well as follow some interesting links. Of course it is highly desirable to add your own fuel to the fire as well. Will this newsgroup shortly be subject to the retribution of the OSD? Check it out and see for yourself…