Top Tips [42]

Mounting an Electic Pump With Solar Power

by Graham Cummings

In a desperate attempt to drag the Old Sea Dog kicking and screaming into anything even close to the 20th century, as well as being part of our ongoing effort to annoy foot pump operators world-wide, we offer you an excellent Top Tip on electric pump installation, courtesy of Graham Cummings.

I’ve owned a 17 foot Mirage since they were first available. It has been used extensively on day, overnight and longer-type trips. I also have paddled in the Hawkesbury and Murray river races.

But I digress…

When I purchased the kayak it came with a foot operated pump, however being a gear freak I decided to install an electric pump.

Mine is set up as follows;

  • the pump is located behind the seat and is attached directly to the rear bulkhead.
  • the switch is located on the rudder pedal so that I can operate it with my foot. This enables me to concentrate on paddling, etc.
  • the battery (2.5 Ah gel cell) is located in the rear compartment against the bulkhead
  • the mounting bracket utilises the same bolts, etc as the pump.
  • on the rear deck behind the rear hatch is a small solar panel
  • this is bolted directly through the deck and well ‘silasticised’ (if I was mounting it now I would attach it to the storm cover for the rear hatch)
  • the wiring is routed through plastic tubing through the bulkhead
  • this is also well waterproofed as is all the electric connections.

To date this has worked well in the limited times that I have needed to use it.

Trust this may give you all some ideas on how to annoy the OSD next time he inspects your kayak for Y1K compatibility. See you on the water!