Quotable Notables [42]

“Flares only get attention if somebody is already looking for you. Otherwise, the only way to get noticed is to use flares to shoot out the wheelhouse windows of passing craft.”
The OSD, expressing a unique fondness for his fellow seafarers.

“Is that important?”
Our illustrious Editor, querying Fishkiller’s concern over being a Trip Leader without a kayak.

“Silver Storm? Sounds like a dandruff problem…”
Stuart Trueman, querying Dave Winkworth’s choice of kayak name.

“It was a good paddle; nobody died.”
Arunas Pilka, explaining why he is the Bruisers preferred Trip Leader.

“The only thing that is going to stay roughly vertical and stay out of the water in these conditions is your head, so I’d olive cleat the device to that.”
Mark ‘Fishkiller’ Pearson, explaining the intricacies of keeping EPIRB’s above the water during rescue situations.

“I might give it a go… how much do I get paid?”
The OSD, offering his services as Trip Leader to a troubled Nick Gill.

“In terms that can’t be mentioned – you get paid in warm fuzzy feelings and a deep inner glow…”
Nick Gill, responding to the OSD’s painful question. The resulting silence strongly suggests that the OSD has no need for deep inner glows.