Product Reviews [42]

Saltwater Soap

Regular soap just doesn’t cut it in salt water or hard water. This soap is specially formulated to work with salt water, has a light fragrance and is Australian made. Now all you smelly toads have no excuse on those overnight trips. Great value at $2.75 each from Ocean Planet.

Custom Lettering

Worried that your kayak looks just like everyone else’s? Ever thought that your kayak needed that personal touch? Every good ship needs a name, so you can now add that little extra with some groovy naming, fancy designs, weird shapes or even your favourite images up and down the sides of your kayak to mesmerise fellow paddlers. Fancy some shark teeth? Bullet holes? Whatever you want, it’s a great idea from $35.00 at Ocean Planet.

Tow Rope

Made from Spectra pre-stretched rope with a breaking load of 989 kg, the Little Gorilla Tow Rope is a great package that is lightweight yet able to handle all your towing challenges. Comes with all the clips you need to secure and deploy the rope with ease. A special kayak fit kit is also available, allowing you to mount the system centrally and tow from the centre of your kayak, reducing paddler stress and allowing for a more efficient tow. A must have for all kayakers at $73.00 from Ocean Planet (fit kit is an extra $12.00).

Safety Whistle

Super loud and able to operate when full of water, the Fox 40 Classic Safety Whistle is a must have for all kayakers. As used by Canadian ice hockey referees – if they can get the attention of puck-shooting loonies with these, then you should be able to raise all the attention you need! A great buy at only $12.50 from Ocean Planet.

Emergency Strobe

A must have for all night-time activities. Operates for 8 hours on a AA battery, and is waterproof to 2000 feet – handy for diving and snorkelling. A real safety bargain at $79.95 from Ocean Planet.