Website Reviews [41]

Guillemot Kayaks — An excellent resource on wooden kayak building is at this site. This is the place to find information about building wooden kayaks, from photos to plans and building kits.

Additional pages on the site feature sea kayaking trips and pictures, sea kayaking links and a Sea Kayak Forum — a nifty set of interactive online bulletin boards for discussing different aspects of sea kayaking including kayak trips and techniques, kayak building and design.

Jeff Jennings — An excellent Tasmanian site that details some spectacular trips around Tasmania, together with some breathtaking photography and amazing trip stories. A must visit site if for no other reason than the fantastic pictures and trip itinerary’s.

Gulf Area Sea Paddlers — A website primarily for sea kayakers interested in paddling the Gulf of Mexico and Carribean areas. An interesting site that has the most comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) list for sea kayakers that I have ever seen. For anyone interested in or new to kayaking, there is HEAPS of info in this FAQ.