Quotable Notables [41]

Just be grateful Mr Croc can’t hold a pen, he’d probably sue.

Stuart Trueman expressing compassion for Arunas Pilka following his croc attack

I was very hungry and hadn’t eaten all weekend, but I had been told by the trip convenor that they would be ‘doing Eskimo rolls all weekend’ and so I assumed the trip was fully catered.

Anonymous kayaker, for obvious reasons

After weeks of paddling the smell probably convinced the croc that he was going for a rotting corpse anyway.

Stuart Trueman, again showing compassion for his fellow kayaker

We’ve just chewed up our fourth membership gentlemen.

Norm Sanders, decidely worried during a teleconference when the talk turns to a committee junket at Norm’s expense

If you want to sail, get a Hobie Cat.

The OSD, who is never wrong, sometime before he installed his own kayak sail

It apparently released Arunas and bolted as soon as the naked Winkworth embraced it.

Overheard on a quiet beach

I keep a brick beside me on the floor and every so often threaten it with a descreening.

Dave Winkworth, extolling the virtues of his new computer