From the President’s Deck [41]

By Norm Sanders

This year’s AGM was the best ever. Dave Winkworth put a vast amount of effort into organisation, even managing to limit the precipitation to a few drops on Friday night. For the first time, events were spread over 3 days. This allowed a much more relaxed approach, with an enjoyable paddle from Murray’s Beach to Point Perpendicular and Boat Harbour on Monday.

The Election of Officers produced some major changes on the Club Executive. Jan Murrell, our Secretary/Treasurer, reluctantly resigned her position after doing a tremendous job over the past year. Magazine Editor David Whyte also decided to take a break from the time-consuming task of producing a quarterly journal. Under his guidance, the magazine has become a colourful, entertaining and informative publication. David’s major contribution was instilling a sense of journalistic responsibility into the magazine after the dark days of tabloid sensationalism under the previous editor.

On behalf of the NSW Sea Kayak Club and its members, I would like to thank Jan and David for their service and wish them well in the future.

Club members elected Stuart Trueman to the position of Secretary/Treasurer. This is a difficult job which will be made much easier if Membership Renewals are sent in promptly.

The new Editor is Ian Phillips. Both Stuart and Ian are from the Sydney area which breaks the stranglehold which Canberra has so long had over these important positions.

Andrew Eddy wore two hats last year — Trips Convenor and Internet Co-ordinator. He did a great job at both activities. The club website has gained an international reputation as a basic resource for sea kayaking information. Andrew decided to vacate the Trips Convenor position, but has agreed to stay on as Internet Co-ordinator. Thanks Andrew.

The incoming Trips Convenor is Nick Gill, a Canberran who will shortly move to Wollongong. He has already started on the calendar and would greatly appreciate volunteers to be trip leaders, on any grade of paddle.

The incumbents were re-elected to the rest of the positions: President, Norm Sanders. Vice President and Training Officer, David Winkworth. The Club owes a special thanks to Dave who is really the backbone of the organisation. His commitment to sea kayaking is total. He is a Senior Instructor, a kayak designer and builder, a major expeditionary, a crocodile pacifier, and a Board Member of that mysterious organisation, The NSW Canoeing Board of Canoe Education. Dave, we couldn’t get along without you!

Dave will be central to upcoming training programs for Sea Proficiency, Instructors and Trip Leaders. I urge all Club members to take advantage of the marvellous learning opportunities on offer. The NSWSKC is recognised as having the best training programs and the highest standards in Australia and is on a par with any organisation in the world. A glance at the horror stories in the American sea kayaking magazines verifies this view. Not only does the Club have a great training program, it is CHEAP. I recently attended a training weekend in Victoria which cost the participants $200 each!

The NSW Sea Kayak Club enters the New Millennium in great shape. I wish you all a wonderful year of trips, training sessions, friendship, and safe, fun paddling.