A Ramble From the Editor [41]

By Ian Phillips

There it goes again. Despite chasing for almost a ‘kay’, I was damned if I could see what it was — the guy was paddling too fast for me in my lazy tourer, yet that fuzzy black object kept popping up either side of his kayak every stroke he took. It looked like a small shark or a dolphin, or maybe someone from the Rainbow Warrior II. Finally the guy slows a little and I catch up to him and ‘the thing’.

What is it? Only his dog on a leash.

“What’s you problem, buddy — I always walk my dog this way.”

I suppose that’s what you get for kayaking in Sydney Harbour at 7 am on New Years Day.

I think that should be enough of the harbour for me for one day. Time to get back to the garage for that latest new-fangled gear ‘n’ gadget installation. Always overzealous in my acceptance of untried, untested and unacceptable accessories (and always willing to stick out my tongue at those foot operators with a defiant NAAAAH!!), I ponder the wisdom of my latest venture — the installation of a solar panel on the rear deck to trickle charge the battery on my electric bilge pump.

And yes, before my e-mail box is stuffed to overflowing yet again, I am willing to concede the benefits of foot pumps, freely admitting that I have used them in the past with much success, but instead I choose to twist the knife at every opportunity, if for no other reason than pure, perverted, propeller-headed enjoyment.

Now to solve the problem of where to install this solar panel, and, probably more importantly, ask the question why. Now if I can just shave enough off the bulkheads, wires, silicon boards and knuckles to make it all fit like a glove, I’ll be right as rain — until it rains. Oh bugger it, time for a drink and a nice BBQ.

Welcome to the first issue for 2000. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, highlighted of course by excessive time on the water, no doubt at the expense of your loved ones! If Santa wasn’t good to those who wanted the latest toys for their kayaks, check out our product and book reviews for some spirit lifters.

One obvious new face on the Club committee is my own, as the new article-hungry Editor of the magazine. Despite my conspicuous absence at the AGM I was still voted in, so you all have a lot to answer for! Most of you do not know me, and I do hope I get to meet you on the water before you grow to dislike me through the magazine with my nastily sarcastic opinions and my constant whining for more articles!

Anyway, please enjoy the sensational articles and photos in this issue, and as always, we will see you on the water!