The Mini Camp Oven [40]

By David Winkworth

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As space was at a premium in the kayaks on this trip, we were unable to take biscuits or other bulky food. Instead, we took self raising flour and seasonings in vacuum sealed bags and made dampers to accompany most meals.

We cooked these 2 cup damper mixes in our small stainless cook pot which had an overlapping lid. This meant we could put hot coals on the lid of the damper and still keep the ash out of the pot! We also used a small metal tray with bent-down legs to keep the damper from burning on the bottom of the pot. Only moderate heat was required and the dampers cooked in about 30-40 mins. The mini camp-oven could be used to cook anything — meats, fish, bread whatever.

Webmaster’s note: The Bedourie oven was invented in outback Australia in reponse to problems with the traditional cast iron Dutch camp-oven. When the Dutch oven fell off a pack horse, it would shatter! The solution was to make the oven of thick, spun steel. These ovens are available off-the-shelf from R. M. Williams or you can make your own. David’s oven is a home-made Bedourie oven. The oven is named after Bedourie cattle station in south-west Queensland.