Editorial [40]

This is my last issue and the last for this century and unlike the media, I can count, so will not say it’s the last issue of the millennium. I hope there is someone else out there willing to take it on. It’s a fundamental part of the NSWSKC and it would be a shame to see it disappear. It’s the only Australian sea kayaking publication available in NSW though a couple of the other state clubs put out some fine magazines as well. I always though it would be good for Australia to have its own sea kayaking magazine but unfortunately you need a readership of a lot more than 500 to make it viable.

It has been a good two years and I must thank all the contributors who sent it articles. Without them there would have been no magazine. In particular I would like to thank the regular contributors such as our President Norm Sanders who was always punctual, Dave Winkworth who never was, Mark Pearson who was never factual. And there was those who sent in some good trip reports: Graham Shaw, Stuart Trueman, Doug Fraser, Sundra John, Robert Mercer, Akino Ogawa, And last but not least one kayaker who went to extraordinary lengths to give me the trip report of the decade — Arunas Pilka.

See you all at the AGM, which should be a good one this year.