Editorial [39]

By David Whyte

Once again we have another large issue of the nagazine, though a large part is taken up by “The voyage of the Evangelist“. This amazing story was written in 1882 and recounts the voyage in a wooden sea kayak around 300 miles of the Tasmanian coastline.

We have quite a few accounts of Susie Maroney’s swim and we could have had more club participation given adequate notice. I believe it may be attempted later this year so we could see it on the next calendar.

The next issue will be my last and after 2 years as Editor I am going to turn it over to some new blood. By giving enough warning I hope to give everyone an opportunity to consider taking on this rewarding task. All you need is a bit of time, a PC and preferably Internet access. There is the added bonus in that the club will give you, absolutely free, a flat bed scanner and a copy of Microsoft Publisher (legal too). But Wait There’s More. You will also get all the Issues I have done on a CD including all the pictures, even the ones that weren’t published. I will often scan many pictures for an article but only use a few. All the pictures are saved with the Publisher file onto a CD. If you are interested let me know before the next AGM and I will bring the scanner and software down to Currarong.

See you on the water,