1999 Sea Kayakers’ Get-together [39]

By Akino Ogawa, 10 years old

On Sunday 30th May, 1999. Me, my family and my friend travelled to Rose Bay. It was raining. Then, when the rain stopped, we got the canoe and kayak off the roof of the car and started paddling. My mum paddled the kayak and my dad, my sister and I went in the canoe.

When we got to Shark Island my sister, my friend and I collected the landing fee. Then we had some lunch and played while the adults talked. Two people came from Canberra. Larry Gray couldn’t come because his baby and his wife were sick.

Owen [Hughes – Canoe Sports] did a talk on paddle techniques, he paddled a racing kayak. Colin [Debenet – B-line] brought lots of new safety gear and lots of people were interested.

I counted 54 kayaks and every one talked a lot about kayaks.