The Next Step Training Weekend [38]

By David Winkworth

Currarong 17th & 18th April

This weekend will have 3 sections:

  • Training in Sea Kayaking Skills following on from the Rock ‘n Roll Weekend
  • Advanced Sea Kayaking Skills (as promised at the Rock ‘n Roll W/E)
  • Special General Meeting.

For those paddlers new and relatively new to sea kayaking, we will continue with skills training, including roll practice to get members up to and through the Sea Proficiency Award. If you haven’t been to one of our training weekends, this is your chance. You’re guaranteed to learn heaps. We will be doing Sea Proficiency Assessments

Our venue is Currarong Caravan Park – plenty of shady flat grass for camping, great amenities and a superb undercover meeting area for the meeting. They also have a gas outdoor BBQ so if you like bring along a BBQ meal for Sat. evening. From the caravan park you can launch your boat straight onto the creek and paddle out into the bay. Use the boat wash facilities on your return! Luxury!! If wind or sea conditions are not too your liking, Honeymoon Bay is a short drive away for a launch.

Currarong has a pretty good take-away shop, mini supermarket, grog cellar and service station.

If you have your Sea Proficiency award, why not sit in on the two advanced skills sessions and contribute your knowledge! The sessions, to be held on Saturday afternoon are:

  • Handling difficult conditions
  • Techniques for big surf

On Saturday evening we will hold our Special General Meeting to discuss our insurance position and to vote on an amendment to our Constitution. If you are unable to make the meeting, please, please send in your proxy form. Bring along any sea kayaking or outdoor slides you have and a projector. The editor will be bringing along a screen and slides from the last Rock n Roll weekend. If you plan to learn to roll at this weekend, please help us to help you by making sure that you are a secure fit in your boat! Bring your dive mask too.

Don’t forget a folding chair and all your usual stuff.

Hope to see you there. I’ll have the first of my new boats there (at last!) if you want a paddle.