The Mysterious Sinking SeaYak [38]

Day Two of the Pancake Paddle, Mystery Bay, 1999

By David Whyte

The next day saw the surf still pounding the beach at Mystery Bay.

Feeling a bit lazy and full of Arunas’s pancakes it was decided that a nice easy paddle up the Narooma River was the order of the day. So we set off up the river for a few k and ran some training sessions. These involved filling the entire cockpit up with water and testing the paddling characterics of our boats.

Rolls, re-enters and rolls but it wasn’t long before a bit of frivolity crept in and someone pulled the back hatch of Dirks boat and filled it up with water. And if that wasn’t enough they pulled the front cover off as well.

Fortunately for Dirk his boat had neutral buoyancy though not with him sitting in it. The water temperature was superb and cooled us down nicely before heading back to our cars and a feast of fish and chips.