Press Release [38]

State Government Protects Prime Coastal Site

The State Government has paid $3 million to protect 106 hectares of pristine coastline between Bermagui and Tathra in southern NSW from being developed.

It is the largest acquisition under the Carr Government’s Coastal Lands Protection Scheme, and follows the $1.5 million purchase of Cullendalla, north of Bateman’s Bay, late last year.

Announcing the settlement today, the Minister for Urban Affairs and Planning, Mr Craig Knowles, said the Goalen Head property, which has a 3 kilometre coastline, has been bought from the family company of Mr Geoff Hammond, a retired transport company director from Sydney.

“This site has long been regarded as among the State’s most outstanding areas of coastline, given its spectacular views over Murrah and Bunga beaches and its proximity to the coastal forests around Mt Dromedary,” Mr Knowles said.

“The acquisition will not only provide a significant addition to the South Coast national park system, but will enable the public to have access to a previously closed off piece of prime coastland.”

Since March 1995, the Carr Government has acquired more than 520 hectares of coastline under the scheme, including properties at Bega Valley, Byron Bay, Eurobodalla and Greater Taree.

Mr Knowles said the property would be immediately transferred to the National Parks and Wildlife Service as part of the Mimosa Rocks National Park. The NPWS will assess the best means of providing public access across to the coast without detracting from the environmental and scenic values of the areas.

Mr Hammond began negotiations to sell his property to the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning in June this year with the desire that it remain in the ownership of the State Government. He will retain his house and a small parcel of land on the site for private use.

Mr Knowles visited the property with the newly appointed Chair of the Government’s Coastal Council, Professor Bruce Thom.

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