Y2K Certification For Your Kayak [37]

All Kayakers should note:

As you must be aware from all the media hype we are approaching the new millennium and computer programmers are flat-out making sure everything is Y2K compliant. You have probably heard come midnight at the end of this year everything may stop. Water and electricity will be cut off, planes will drop out of the air and your car will stop dead in its tracks, you won’t be able to use the ATM and chaos will rain supreme.

Well our sea kayaks are also vulnerable – even the most basic models have several microchips controlling their primary functions. So it’s essential that you make sure your kayak is Y2K compatible before the end of this year.

David Winkworth, an experienced kayaker of Merimbula, NSW, says

“there’s no way I’m going to be paddling my kayak at Midnight on the 31st December. You could be heading into a headwind then all of a sudden your kayak swings out to sea, or heads for the rocks or turns over. You might even be driving home and your kayak will suddenly spring off the roof rack. Nobody knows just what might happen…”

So for a small fee, members of the NSW SKC Executive will upgrade your kayak and give you a Y2K compliance certificate. Well worth the peace of mind! Don’t delay as there maybe a rush at the end of the year.