Product Update [36]

On the Princeton Tech Headlamp

By Norm Sanders

Some time ago, the OSD evaluated the Princeton Tec Solo Headlamp for the Newsletter.

He found it a neat, well constructed unit. He was very impressed by the fact that the headlamp was waterproof to a depth of 2000 feet. The OSD gave his Petzl Micro to his daughter and started using the Solo exclusively. (He had been uncomfortable with the French-made Petzl ever since the Frogs blew up the Rainbow Warrior and Mururoa Lagoon.)

To his dismay, the OSD found that the Solo was dim and went through batteries at a great rate. He sent off a letter to the Princeton Tec people in New Jersey. He immediately got a reply from the Vice President of Marketing, who said a new unit was in the mail, no problem. When he got the new headlamp, which worked beautifully, the OSD started experimenting.

He isolated the difficulty by swapping components and found that the metal gauze conducting strip on the back of the battery case had a high resistance. He fixed the unit with a piece of aluminum foil and sent an e-mail to Princeton Tec to let them know about the situation. The net result is that the OSD now has two Solo’s, Princeton Tec has rectified the manufacturing difficulties, and there is a warm glow all around.

It’s really good to find a firm that gives that kind of service.