President’s Report [36]

It’s AGM time already. The year has flashed by, punctuated by some excellent paddles. The calendar is bigger than ever, ably coordinated as it is by Andrew Eddy. I don’t know how much he had to do with it, but there are a lot more events in the Sydney area. This is good to see, as most of the club members live in region.

Unfortunately, the once hyperactive Canberra Pod seems to be wasting away. To be sure, they are still in evidence, but the fire seems to have gone out of their bellies. Some have given up completely and retreated to flat water paddling. (The Wollongong mob have dropped off the screen entirely.) Fortunately, Canberran David Whyte is still firing and hitting his stride as Newsletter Editor. The Newletter is looking very professional and has benefitted from a new scanner.

Another Canberra denizen, Doug Fraser, has managed to sandwich some epic sea kayak feats in between his jobs which involve managing the NSWSKC treasury and running the Army. He does magnificently at both tasks.

Further south, near Bega, Dave Winkworth holds forth as Club Training Officer. He has recently joined the 20th Century and bought a computer. You can now contact him on e-mail: If you do, he will no doubt reply with the sage words: “There’s no substitute for time in the boat.” Even as you read these pages, he is busy preparing the agenda for the Rock and Roll weekend. Dave’s effort is the force behind the success of the event. All the office bearers, including myself, will be up for re-election at the AGM. This is your chance to tell us about what you like about the club, what you don’t like about the club, and how it could be improved. You can even vote us politicians out of office. (No discussion of the GST will be tolerated.)

See you at Honeymoon Bay.