NSW Sea Kayak Club Rock’n’Roll Weekend [36]

When we started the Sea Kayak Club’s Rock ‘n Roll Weekend concept 7 years ago at Merimbula, the idea was that sea kayak training and tuition for this weekend be solely aimed at “eskimo rolling.”

Things very quickly moved on from there to encompass all sea kayaking skills as the number of club members increased. We realize that not all members have the opportunity to paddle as often as they would wish and paddling is the very best way to increase sea kayaking skills. The various books, videos and magazines on sea kayaking from around the world all contribute to a person’s sea kayaking skills and knowledge but let’s face it……sooner or later you’ve got to get into your boat and do it!!!

At this weekend we have members who have paddled all sorts of kayaks in all sorts of conditions all over the world……and we want you to come along, get involved in the weekend and tap into this vast store of sea kayaking knowledge and skills.

It can only make you a better paddler….and who knows, it may be the embryonic stage of a major expedition for you!

The NSW Sea Kayak Club looks forward to your company at the 7th Annual Rock’n Roll Weekend .

David Winkworth
Training Officer.

How to get there

Honeymoon Bay is located on the western side of Beecroft Head within Jervis Bay. It offers protected waters paddling and easy access to a surf beach , spectacular cliffs and ocean waters.
From Nowra, follow the signs to Currarong (about 35 kms). About 1 km before Currarong, take a right turn at the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse Rd and follow the signs to Honeymoon Bay (about 10 kms).

What to bring and what not to do

At Honeymoon Bay, toilets and rubbish bins only are provided. You will need to bring fresh water and a stove with you. Open fires are not permitted and please do not use trees to erect clothes lines.

Fees and camping area

The Park Rangers have given the Sea Kayak Club the exclusive use of the “Nowra Hill” area for camping at Honeymoon Bay. To find this area, drive through the camping area and turn in to the right after crossing the creek on a concrete causeway. We will have a series of information boards erected in the camping area. Please don’t camp near them if you like to turn in early!. This is the AGM/Guest Speaker area.

Camping fees are $10.00 per person per night for the first 2 people on a site and $2.00 per person per night for extra people. The Sea Kayak Club will collect camping fees from members for the weekend.

Note: As Honeymoon Bay is situated on Navy land, it is sometimes closed for defence exercises….as it will be until Friday 27th November. We have been assured that the area will be open for our use from Friday afternoon. However, in the unlikely event that it is not open, we will holding the Rock ‘n Roll Weekend at Currarong Caravan Park. The caravan park is on the left as you enter Currarong. It has good facilities including a kayak washing area and more importantly, creek access from where we can paddle straight onto the ocean.

Currarong also has a mini supermarket, newsagent, cellars, take-away food shop and friendly staff at the local service station.

If you’re coming in on Friday afternoon and the boom gate is down, please ask at the gatehouse if Honeymoon Bay will be opened that day. If not, proceed to the caravan park.

Program and Activities

Our program for the weekend kicks off at 9.00 am on Saturday but before I outline the topics, a note on a few things you may like to bring along. This year we’ll again have our BUY SWAP SELL board operating. Bring along your old/unwanted kayaking or camping gear etc and write it up on the board. Who knows!….someone may be looking for your stuff!!!

If you’re going to practise rolling, bring along a face mask and maybe a wetsuit although the water temp. is rising nicely at the moment. Also….help us to help you in paddling skills by making sure that you fit your boat well. Get some foam sleeping mat and a roll of duct tape and go to work on your kayak seat BEFORE the weekend.


Paddle stronger for longer

A Three Part session which looks at Boat, Body and Paddle, and what you can do to make your boat positively zing along for longer!……in all conditions. Presented by Dirk Stuber, David Winkworth and Mark Pearson.

GPS navigation for dummies

Find out what these little gadgets can do for you in sea kayaking navigation! Guaranteed “techno-speak free” presentation by Andrew Eddy.

New boats and products

Your 5 minutes of fame! If you wish to present in this segment, please see President Norm Sanders when you arrive and write up your entry on the information boards. Equal time for all.

Surf theory – entry and exit

Forget surfing on beach waves for the moment. In this session we discuss tactics to get paddlers safely through the surf to the beach and out again. If you’re new to sea kayaking or surf seems to be your stumbling block in skills acquisition, don’t miss this session! This theory session on the beach will be followed by an on-water skills session. Presented by paddlers who have endo-ed and backflipped in the surf and now know what not to do!

Bracing skills

Just how do you keep your boat upright in the surf and other difficult paddling environments? This on-water skills session will give paddlers something to practise in the surf in the afternoon. Valuable paddle stroke skills. Don’t miss this session. For doubles and singles alike.

Practical surf entry/exit session

Paddle to Target Beach and put the surf entry and exit skills learned in the morning to the test under the watchful eyes of experienced club paddlers. If surf work is a problem for you, attend this session!

Rolling skills and practice

In Honeymoon Bay, learn to roll you kayak and see your confidence in your boat soar!

Note: The above two afternoon sessions will be run concurrently.

Annual General Meeting

We know that club members detest formality….and would rather be paddling…… but we just have to have a meeting!
Please come along, participate and contribute to the meeting. Your input will determine the course of the club for the next 12 months. Drinks and nibblies provided and we promise not to keep you too long!

Evening session – guest speaker

What is the Adiabatic Lapse Rate? — Our Guest Speaker is well qualified to answer this and thousands of other questions about our weather!

Steve Symonds is a Publicity Officer with the Bureau of Meteorology (Dept of Environment and Heritage) and has been with the Bureau for 30 years.

Steve’s presentation will cover all elements of weather affecting sea kayakers on the NSW coast – southerly busters, east coast lows , dominant summer and winter weather patterns and more.
Steve will also leave with us an array of handouts which may help us all better understand the causes of the rotten weather we sometimes paddle through!

How can we spot and avoid nasty weather? Come along and listen to Steve and we’ll all find out! For committed and occasional sea paddlers, this is a presentation not to be missed!

Saturday night slides

David Whyte will be showing some slides from a 4 day trip down the Myall Lakes – a great place to start your first overnight trip. And slides from a Recent Bermagui to Tartha trip which was highlighted by many whale sightings.


Early morning paddle

If you can struggle out of your sleeping bag at dawn, come along on an early morning paddle out to Point Perpendicular or Bowen Island. This is always the best time to paddle. Paddle grade will be (2) and the destination will be weather dependant. Check information boards in the camping area.

If any paddler would like to be assessed for Board of Canoe Education Sea Proficiency Award, this is a good time to do it. Don’t forget to bring your log book along if you have one and your first aid certificate. Please see David Winkworth or Frank Bakker on the Saturday.

Novelty events

This is what everyone is coming for isn’t it! A host of fun events and the possibility of seeing Mark Pearson doing a John McEnroe when he realizes we’ve half sawn through his sail mast!

John Foley’s novel (nearly winning) sail rig from R&R weekend 1997 (photo Jan Murrell)

More rolling tuition

Brush up on skills learned during the weekend – perhaps have a go at a re-enter and roll manoeuvre.

We hope you enjoy the weekend. If you have any questions, please call me on (02) 6494 1366 — business and after hours. During the week before the Rock’ n Roll Weekend, you’ll have to use my mobile: 018 511 697

David Winkworth