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Thanks for the help …

Gillian and I would like to sincerely thank all the paddlers; in particular the coleaders Norm Sanders and Dave Winkworth, on the October long weekend ‘Whale watching’ trip (what Whales?) for their help and assistance when Gillian broke her wrist in a fall.

To me it really emphasised the benefits of paddling in a club environment, particularly with such a group of caring and thoughtful individuals. What could have been quite a difficult situation was dealt with in a very professional and thoughtful manner, with a minimum of drama.

Thanks again,
John Wilde

13th October, 1998

News from the South Coast kayak builders

Introducing the amazing 550g (20 ounce) hydro-vent flexi-shaft sea-kayak paddle. Guaranteed to control paddling effort, thereby preventing muscle strain, ligament damage and general aches and pains. Constructed in 100% carbon, there is one size to suit everyone! Enquiries to David Winkworth.

Gordon Carswell demonstrates the stability of his new kayak design, the TLC, and his skill at balancing while standing up in his kayak. Gordon’s former life as a gymnast probably helps. For those who are interested, TLC stands for “tender loving care” and is also the initials of his daughter.

Cheap Tricks for Sea Kayakers

  • Dust off your old CDs. They make cheap signalling mirrors! The silver side is very reflective and you can use the hole to aim at searching aircraft or bemused spectators on-shore! The perfect way to re-cycle those Pet Shop Boys CDs you are now ashamed to own!
  • For really good bailing sponges, check out your neighbourhood hardware store for plasterer’s and tiler’s sponges. These sponges are bigger, and more absorbent than the usual domestic variety. Prices vary $3-$6.

David Cregan
Updated March 7, 1999