Letters to the Editor [36]

Dear Editor
Gillian and I would like to sincerely thank all the paddlers; in particular the co-leaders Norm Sanders and Dave Winkworth, on the October long weekend ‘Whale watching’ trip (what Whales?) for their help and assistance when Gillian broke her wrist in a fall.

To me it really emphasised the benefits of paddling in a club environment, particularly with such a group of caring and thoughtful individuals. What could have been quite a difficult situation was dealt with in a very professional and thoughtful manner, with a minimum of drama.

Thanks again
John Wilde

Dear Editor,
I wish to protest rigorously at the behaviour of Messrs Winkworth and Pilka at the recent ‘Whale watching weekend’ organised by the former person.

When Mr Winkworth rushed up the beach on Saturday afternoon, excitedly gesticulating to the horizon, there was indeed a large water spout and a bulky form cavorting in the waters. However, closer inspection soon revealed the form to be wearing striped thermals and the game was up. No whale in its right mind would wear the style and colour that Mr Pilka prefers. The latters lame excuse that he was only looking for abalone did not calm the derisive crowd and an ugly scene could soon have developed if it had not been for the calming influence of Norm Sanders, our esteemed president.

The sight of Mr Pilka in full thermals should be a classified item and not suitable for a family show such as purported by the N.S.W.S.K.C. What we want is Whales!

Disgruntled Canberran

[now this letter came unsigned but the hand writing looked very similar to a previous letter and it was on a Canberra Grammar School letter head – Ed]


Dear Editor,
I refer to my recent article entitled “Mallacoota to Tallowa Dam” published recently in NSWSKC Newsletter 35. It has been drawn to my attention that, in my description of a typically colourful camp-site conversation, the impression may have been given that Mr John Caldwell was an active member of the political party ‘One Nation’.

I would like to fully and completely retract such an impression, and aplogise to Mr Caldwell and his family for any embarrassment caused by my unfortunate and clumsy use of the English language.

I would also like to state categorically that Mr Caldwell has no current or prior association with One Nation, is comfortable with Asian immigration, and definitely does not own a collection of Pauline Hanson T-shirts. In terms of political activity, Mr Caldwell is, of course, a well known member of the BPF (Bungendore Peoples Front).

Mark Pearson

Dear Editor.
As a keen kayak sailer I wish to express my outrage at the content of “The Old Sea Dogs Gear Locker” published in this issue.

This article, purporting to discuss sea kayak sail design, turns out to be yet another vehicle for the self-serving Mr Sanders to demonstrate his grasp of obscure marine terminology! And it’s bloody hard going! The poor reader is assailed with a never-ending barrage of forestays, saddles, battens, clamcleats, stays and reaches. But even that lot’s not enough for this particular author, who really turns the knife with “shroud” and “luff” – words probably last committed to print in the early 1780’s!

This style of writing may well give the likes of Mr Sanders a healthy ‘bowsprit’, but it’s a definite turn-off for the average paddler thinking of adding a sail to his/her craft. After all, who in this day and age wants to be ridiculed by you-know-who for confusing a shroud with a luff? In one fell swoop the appalling Mr Sanders has set back kayak sailing by 20 years!

Name withheld by request
Catcher of Fish