Shark Island [35]

By Yeuko Ogawa

As I woke up early in the moming I knew it was going to be a good day. Michael Maleedy came over and was ready to paddle to Shark Island. We put the canoe and the double on the car, and set off for Double bay.

We started paddling to Shark island meeting Carlos and Norm Sanders on the way, then dodging a few rocks we managed to land on Shark Island. We picked up broken glass and plastic bottles.

Some of the people who came to shark island were Kayak designers and other people were Kayak shop owners, as other people were Olympians, racers (white water, Flat water and out rigger).

As the day went by more and more people started to land on the island. There were over 60 boats there and 3 people in a canoe capsized. My sister and I were collecting the landing fee, every one else was talking or eating their lunches Them were people inspecting each others kayaks and sharing their experiences. The weather was great.

Larry Gray the Guest Speaker arrived, ate his lunch and spoke about his incredible joumey in the Northern Territory. Andrew Eddy spoke first then Larry and Norm Sanders (from Tuross heads, great place !).

Larry addresses the crowd

Larry Gray was doing his eskimo rolls, and has promised to show anyone how to roll at a workshop. We left early, because we had another appointment. We all had a great day. Hope to see you all again next year.

Larry in expert mode – this roll is with the paddle on the underside of the hull