Editorial [35]

Missing in Action

By David Whyte

The following are the tail endings of the stories from last issue that got left out. I still don’t quite know how I managed to do it – I’ll blame it on Bill Gates as I’m using a Microsoft product.

Doug Fraser’s story on crossing Bass Strait:

‘As the leader I had been presented with some challenging group dynamic issues and had been forced increase my range of leadership styles. As a result, I believe I got far more out of it than just being able to say “I crossed Bass Strait.” As for Xena, well we will have to try and get her to preside over the next Rock’n’Roll weekend.’

Mark Person’s Story on Broughton Island:

‘I looked up to see my wife running into my arms she sobbed “darling, you’re alive” and peppered me with kisses. My heart rate hit 276! I made to respond but hesitated … something definitely wasn’t right here. I again grabbed my bottle, gulped down some water and squirted more on my face …….’

Easy Cruising:

In my article I just warning you to watch out for the oyster racks.


I have a free copy of Ocean Paddler to give away to the first person to find the deliberate mistakes in this issue.

Win Win Win

There are 15 copies of the New English Sea Kayaking magazine (Ocean Paddler, see review in this issue) to give away. Anyone who sends me anything for the magazine will be sent a copy (unless I get more than 15 submissions but that’s extremely unlikely). Drop me a letter with you postal address and I will send you a free copy; a story, article or photo will do.

But wait theres more.

We are planning on having the front and back page on the next issue in colour so I need some good photos with trip articles for the front page. Theres a prize for the best trip article but it must have photos. I now have a slide scanner as well as a flat bed scanner so photos or slides will do. Slide dupilicates are fine.