Rescuing Albatrosses and Other Large Petrels [34]

A few tips on caring fore rescued albatrosses. Albatrosses generally resent being handled and should not be physically restrained, though for the safety of rescuers, it is recommend that an elastic band be placed firmly not too tight around the bill for transport. The birds will generally settle if placed in a large cardboard box for initial transport. It is our experience that the box should be as large as possible, deep enough that the bird can’t jump out and have the lid removed so the the bird can see it’s surroundings.

Beware – Albatrosses are very susceptible to heat stroke, they appear to regulate body temperature by pumping blood through their feet and/or panting. If birds begin panting. Spray with a fine spray from a garden hose until the bird is quite wet, not sodden. Then move to a shady well ventilated location to dry.

Air conditioned vehicles are recommended for transport in hot weather.