Editorial [34]

Well this is the second Issue and again its all a bit rushed but we’re getting the information out. I am particularly grateful to the regular contributors for with out there effort we wouldn’t have a magazine. I am still hoping for some more kayaking trip write ups, even if you only write half a page.

We have just signed the paper work to get our own official web site. Although the site wont be created for about a month it seems certain the site will be called http://www.nswseakayaker.org.au. This should come on line around June. We will be keeping it up to date with the calendar , articles and a for sale section. We have also created email addresses for the club linked into the web site. These are likely to be

  • editor@nswseakayaker.org.au — This will be for articles for the magazine
  • admin@nswseakayaker.org.au — This is for anything to do with membership
  • trips@nswseakayaker.org.au — This is where to send any trips you want published in the calendar.

These are not available yet but should be all organised by the next magazine. This will make it easier when the committee positions change hands as the access to the web site for updates will be passed over.

These addresses are now available see club contacts.