Easy Cruising [34]

By David Whyte

I was intending to write the first of these articles that I talked about in the last issue but I never got around to it. So here is my first one (though a bit brief) and I am hoping others will write some as well. Basically these will just be description of easy paddles that won’t require any sea going experience.

Berowra Waters (on the Hawksbury River)

This paddle lends itself nicely to an easy car shuffle. Either park one car at the Brooklyn Bridge over the Hawksbury or at the Ferry at Berowra Waters. This will leave a lovely 15 – 20 k paddle (depending on what side creeks you go up). Bar Island is worth stopping at and there were quite a few spots to stop for a swim if doing this as a summer trip. I did this trip in January and was amazed at the size of the bream I saw in some of the creeks. You will need to watch out for oyster racks as the tide goes out. – Ed

Bar Island, where Berowra Waters meets the Hawkesbury River estuary

Small sandy beaches are exposed below high tide

Uncharacteristically green escarpments of Muogamarra Nature Reserve and Marra Marra National Park