Editorial [33]

I was reluctant to take on this role as filling Mark’s place was going to be a difficult task. He did a great job and brought the magazine out of the doldrums adding a sense of humour and colour, even if he did get a few people offside. I believe Mark’s taken time off to re-establish friendships lost during his time as editor. I have no experience at all at being an editor so forgive me if the magazine appears a bit disjointed as I experiment with layout and style while I find my way. I have gained an enoumous amount from the club so this is my way of repaying that back.

I think the magazine is one of the great benefits of being in the club, for how many outdoors magazines have articles on sea kayaking. I agree with Mark in the newsletter being fundamental to the health of the club especially in one that has its members spread over such a wide geographical area. But , the magazine relies on submissions, it will soon become apparent I not a good writer so I’m relying on others to give me articles. All the usual columns will still be there plus a couple of new ones. I will even keep the Members Hall of Shame; funny though, when I created the heading Jim Crofts name automatically appeared, must be something to do with the software Mark gave me.

I have a section called Quick Snaps. This is just for odd photos that don’t belong to a story but may have an amusing caption, if you have any send them in with the caption.

The other section is called Easy Cruising. There must be others like myself who are still feeling their way on the open ocean but often enjoy going for a paddle by themselves or with their partner and are interested in safe day trips. There are many such areas such as estuaries, lakes and rivers that are lovely to cruise around in the comfort and safety of a sea kayak. I’m sure many of you have favourite places so why not write a small article about them and drop it in. For example there are lots of bays etc around Sydney, Pittwater, Hawkesbury that others may be interested in. I was going to do the first one for this issue but problems with creating the mag means I will have to wait to the next one

Don’t forget to send some letters to editor. I haven’t included any in this issue as no-one as sent any.

In submitting articles notice I have an internet account, this is my preferred option. If sending articles this way send them as plan text files. If posting articles on a floppy, plain text or Word 97 will be fine. Remember to send Photos or scans of photos but they need to be done on a scanner with an optical resolution of 600dpi. For those who haven’t quite got to the twentieth century and still using a typewriter then that’s fine.

I look forward to producing the newsletter and hope I havn’t biten off more than I can chew so see you on the water.