Letters [32]

Dear Sir

I understand. from comments you have made over recent months that this edition of the NSW Sea Kayak Club Newsletter is to be your last as Editor, after 2 years in the position.

May I congratulate you on a job well done. You have produced a consistently high quality product over the last two years and I am proud to say that I belong to a Sea Kayaking club that has such an interesting magazine.

We should remember that apart from our training days and our club paddles, it is the magazine that is the primary binding agent (sounds a bit like a recipe?) for members. We have many members who we never or rarely see on club outings and it is much to your credit that they maintain their membership as their only club contact is the newsletter .

Now, lest all this praise gives you a swelled head, let me say that you are not without your faults or bias [I was tempted to cut this letter off here, but what the hell –Ed] there’s many a time I have opened my copy of the magazine and cringed as I read my name in the Hall of Shame. Mr Editor, this stern rebuke each issue drives us “Hall of Shame” regulars to drink! We sink deeper into despair with each issue (and have another drink) and wince as we read your incisive comments to each other. We are even thinking of forming a therapy group called Cave of Depression Anonymous!

To continue…

I live in hope that for this issue you will take the time to proof read my contributions after scanning them in. It seems computers have a mind of their own in re-arranging text!

And another thing …

It will be a relief, after you’ve gone, to see the end of this pathetic Editorial Inuit Classic Bias (although I fear this may not be the case). I mean it really is embarrassing! I show my copy of the magazine to non-member sea kayakers and reel from comments like

“I thought you belonged to a sea kayaking club, these are bathtub boats!” or…

“These Inuit things are for junior members are they?”

Also. Mr Editor … you should realize that this “All things White and Inuit” bias is exposing your underbelly to accusations of graft and corruption. The next lines in the song could be

“For paddlers short and tall
We like boats short and dumpy
‘Cos the President made them all!”

Your gold watch may be a few years away yet! To conclude: thank you for many entertaining issues of the club’s magazine.

David Winkworth