Editorial [32]

By Mark Pearson

You can all breath a sigh of relief. After a short period of contemplation, I have decided to hang up my poisionous and controversial pen and make way for perhaps a wiser, more politically astute editor. What led me to this decision? The ferocious hate mail from the Sydney sea-kayaking industry? The friendships I’ve lost thanks to the (necessary) Hall of Shame. The lives and reputations shattered in the brutal exposes of Flotsam & Jetsam? The strange and disturbing letters that continue to pour into Dear Editor? Pressure from my lady wife? Yes – all of these factors contributed. But most of all I wanted to become a normal member again, to receive a nicely folded magazine in the post, to open it feverishly before browsing through it’s treasures over a cup of tea. You miss that as Editor. Of course you enjoy the articles as they come in, but one eye always seems to be looking for typo’s – not quite the experience of reading a whole ‘fresh’ magazine. I really do look forward to the time when I find myself ‘up in lights’ in the Hall of Shame.

I put my hand up for this job after a year when the magazine was becoming an endangered species – I believed then and believe now that the magazine is fundamental to the health of the club – many members have joined on the strength of it alone – only later to find out how enjoyable club events can be. Membership continues to grow – hopefully there is somebody out there just itching to take on this role, maybe someone who has hated my ‘style’ and is full of new ideas for future editions. I wish him (or even better HER) all the best and look forward to their work. It’s a satisfying job, and I’ve enjoyed my two terms.

To you all – take the time to write about your experiences – in informing and entertaining the club you might find the journey was enhanced by the telling. I’d like to thank those members’ who did make the effort. Special thanks to Norm Sanders and David Winkworth, whose purposeful writings have formed the backbone of just about every edition. Thanks also to Jim Croft for his assistance and contributions from the Net. To Arunas Pilka for his excellent work on labelling and postage. To everyone else who gave up evenings for collating and labelling. Special thanks here go to Chris Soutter, who has donated both Deloitte Touche and Tomatsu printing facilities and his own assistance for the last seven issues. A great effort.

My last words as Editor are to those new to sea-kayaking and vulnerable to hype. Remember – in this sport length isn’t everything … there are some Dogyak’s out there!