Editorial [30]

By Mark ‘Fishkiller’ Pearson

Welcome to Issue 30. Yet again a damned good read. I might even read this one myself! Thank you again to all our contributors for their hard work. Thanks also to the “despatch team” — who may or may not have been Jeannette Mill, David Whyte, Jim Croft and, ankle permitting, Chris Soutter.

Pittrak lovers should positively drool over this issue, for the word ‘Pittarak’ is prominent in a number of articles. This is a direct result of including material from Larry Gray, Wade Fairley and Doug Fraser all in the one issue. I take full responsibility for it! However, if you are in that tiny minority whose hatred of the Pittarak runs deep, there is some respite in the story on Page 17, Lessons from Nadgee II. By the way, watch out for Larry’s Midnight Sun documentary coming up soon on your ABC.

My apologies to those hundreds of contributors whose work has not made this edition due to space constraints — your work will appear in Issue 31.

Next issue highlights!

  • ‘Croajingalong’ by Jeanette Mill
  • ‘Jervis Bay Incident — the search for blame!’ by Jim Croft
  • ‘My leftfoot!’ by Chris Soutter
  • …all this and hopefully a lot more!


The article ‘Training Notes’ by David Winkworth in Issue 29 contained an error caused almost entirely by editorial shortcomings. The sentence “So let’s finish this by saying that rolling re-enter and smoothest, warmest and most efficient is” should of course have said “So let’s finish this by saying that warmest rolling and smoothest re-enter is most efficient and” (at least I think that’s what he meant — David’s writing style is so damned convoluted! — Editor)

Great Members
Name Great Act Editor’s Comment
N. Sanders Always weeks ahead of the newsletter deadline with meaty, spell-checked contributions. A performance so good that anyone would think he has nothing else to do!
D. Winkworth Proved to his many detractors that he can meet the deadline. Very good, David. Now, I’m sick of scanning your stuff and you’re a rich man, so please buy a PC!
Members’ Hall of Shame
Felon Crime Editor’s Comment
J. Croft Late with minimal contribution. Still no sign of the much awaited “Why waves are better than women” tome. It’s just not working with Jim, is it?
A. Eddy Still owes the Editor six purple Olive Cleats for the disgraceful Nadgee performance. Should take time out from all the hero stuff and pay his debts.