Bits and Pieces [30]

South Coast Weather

Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe the Far South Coast of NSW is about to get more accurate weather forecasts!

Local farmers, ABC radio reporters in Bega and even our local Federal member, Gary Nairn, have all taken a big swipe at the Weather Bureau for inaccurate forecasts.

The problem has been that we, as poor relations to the Illawarra Region, have just been getting basically their forecast each day, when in fact our weather IS sometimes vastly different and usually better too!

There have been a few instances in recent months when the Bureau has had real egg on it’s corporate face and the temps have been out by as much as 10 degrees C. A lot of people depend on accurate forecasts, sea kayakers included. Stay tuned!


We don’t usually think too much about strong coastal currents, close inshore along our East coast. I’m talking about currents outside the surf zone here.

About 6 weeks ago we experienced a fair flood with 200 -300mm of rain in a short period. I went up to the Tathra Point to check the sea out and observed the brown flood water current exiting the Bega River on Tathra Beach and completely running south within 200 metres of the beach. The blue/green ocean water was clearly contrasted against the flood waters from the river. Great flocks of chip-chasers (seagulls) were working the current lines. That’s where the fish were that day!

Quality Dried Fruit

I’ve been looking for a local source of quality dried fruits and vegetables for a while and quite by accident I found one. Bega Valley Naturally Dried Produce operates in Tathra on our south coast – it’s just up the road for me. I’m sitting here eating dried mangoes and strawberries as I write – and they are out of this world let me tell you!

According to owners Brian and Pauleen Fell, their drying process uses de-humidified air at near room temperature, so we get better flavour, colours intensified (and lets face it – most de-hy foods look and taste quite ordinary), maximum vitamin retention and great taste.

For our next sea kayaking expedition we’ll be using their foods. If you’d like to obtain their price list and range of dried foods call them on Phone/Fax +61 2 6494 1995 or write to them at 5 Beach St Tathra NSW 2550 Australia.

Club Calendar Date Changes

Eucumbene Paddle:

The date for this weekend paddle is now Sat/Sun 24th and 25th May – one week later than previously advertised. This paddle will be a real change from coastal kayaking scenery! Wind can be a problem on all highland lakes although I hope we can avoid it by careful route planning. This will be an out and back paddle starting from the boat ramp at Eucumbene Cove which is across the dam wall. Easiest route to the start is via the Cooma Jindabyne road tuming off before Berridale.

We will paddle the National Park shoreline. It offers the best scenery and camp wherever we can find a level area. There aren’t many on this shore! Maybe we’ll check out one of the islands. Fresh water won’t be a problem but temperature might be. Bring warm clothes! We hope to paddle off at 10am so please be there before that. If you’re going to be late, please give me a call in the week before so I can tell you where we’re likely to be. If you’re good at fishing, bring your trout gear!

Saltwater Creek:

This delightful little spot is in Ben Boyd National Park between Green Cape and Eden. The date for this paddle has been changed from 5/6 July to 26/27th July.

This is a managed campsite with 14 sites, pit toilets etc. Bookings a essential and the cost will b $6/person/night. Each site ca accommodate 6 people the NPWS people say. There should be plenty of room there in July but please give me call as soon as possible and I’ll book few sites. Saltwater Creek has navigable creeks and a beautiful ocean beach. There is paddling for everyone. The creeks are normally closed to the sea and are safe for kids. There may be few whales around then heading north a that time.lf the weather is terrible, the whale museum in Eden is worth a look as is Green Cape Lighthouse. There is also great bushwalking north to Mowarry Point or south to Bittangabee. Something for everyone! Hope to see you there.