Editorial [29]

Happy New Year everybody and welcome to the January ’97 edition, my fifth as Editor. As expected, no-one at the AGM stepped forward to take on this role, so here I am again for one more year!

First of all I’d like to thank the contributors for some great stuff, particularly the ‘new’ talent from the Sydney area. As a result, I think that this issue is as good as any that I have seen.

(Apologies to those whose material did not get in this time due to space constraints (blame Andrew Eddy for organising such a huge trip calendar!).

You will have noticed that we have at new president in Norm Sanders. Rumour has it that Norm was voted in, in an attempt to reduce his contribution to a single President’s Report in each issue. Well, it didn’t work. The “Gear Locker” goes on, plus, with “Design Considerations”, Norm yet again throws out a challenge to conventional thinking on the Australian scene. Incidentally, given that the occasional article may push a particular point of view, I am keen to publish responses from members who ‘beg to differ’. Let’s have some healthy written debate! So don’t just sit there whinging about what a load of crap that piece was, put your thoughts on paper – short pieces for Dear Editor, longer pieces to stand alone. Remember, this Editor loves controversy and will publish just about everything! And what a start! Bob Pearson (no relation), has provided a very interesting and spirited response to some of President Sanders conclusions n the article Oz versus USA published n Newsletter 28.

Oh, and a big thank you to all the crew who assisted in getting this newsletter, but particularly to Jim, Chris and Arunas and to my lovely wife Kerrie, who apparently hates everybody and everything connected with sea-kayaking but still lends support and buys me gear!

Upcoming Attractions in April Issue:

6 years of discovery in Sydney Harbour by Rick Angel, Tassie’s West Coast in a dodgy sea kayak by Major Doug Fraser, the highly erotic AGM Minutes, and last (and probably least), Lessons from Nadgee 2 -will it disappoint like so many other sequels?

And all this for 20 bucks a year.

You’re kidding!