Secretary/Treasurer’s Report [28]

By Arunas Pilka

Its that time of the year again, i.e. time to pay club membership fees. The clubs financial year runs from the 1st of September to 31st August each year and so apart from the people who joined the club within the last three months everyone’s membership is now due.

Enclosed with this magazine is a renewal form and a stamped self addressed envelope. The reason for the renewal form is so that I can check the address details etc. for each member. Speaking of which I have changed all the seven digit Sydney phone numbers to eight digits by adding a nine at the start, if in any particular case this is incorrect let me know. Also a number of Sydney numbers were only six digits, I imagine these will also be changing but I don’t know to what so could you please make sure that your contact numbers on the renewal form are correct.

I have included in this magazine the Club’s financial statement for last financial year (no you haven’t – please see Hall of Shame -Ed). You will note that the Club’s position has improved over last year. This is for two main reasons, firstly we have moved to the print post system for sending out the magazine, this almost halves the cost of postage for mailing a magazine. Secondly the cost of printing the magazine has fallen to zero (apart from photo reproduction).

This is through the kind donation of photocopying services by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Pty Ltd, of whom Chris Souter is a senior partner and the Canberra branch manager; many thanks Chris.

While on the subject of photocopying, the Club is the proud owner of it’s own photocopier. Given Chris’s generosity and the fact that the task of reproducing 200 magazines has out grown our little copier the issue of whether we should sell it needs to be discussed. If you have any strong views on the subject make them known to a member of the committee.

I have been contacted by the organisers of a Sea kayaking Symposium in New Zealand who are inviting members of our club to attend, they have promised to send leaflets which if they arrive in time will be included with this magazine, if not they will go out in a separate mailing.

The idea of the club organising a symposium in Australia has been kicked around for a while so I would be very interested in the comments of anyone from the club who does attend.

Andrew Stephenson has come across a producer of dried vegetables in South Australia. Seeing as a few of us are heading for Torres Strait shortly I decided to check them out and have ordered some for our trip. They offer a much larger variety than available at supermarkets and their prices seem reasonable. I will let you know how they turn out in a later edition but if anyone wants to give them a try in the meantime the details are: Milburn Produce Pty Ltd, Berri SA, Ph: (085) 823-232, Fax: (085) 823-946.

Happy paddling.