Editorial [28]

By Mark Pearson

Thanks again to everyone for the great response to our survey. The following tables details the kayak profile of the club. On the following pages are also some charts detailing how we are in 96. Generally, the survey showed that most members werehappy with their boats – the members that stated that they would not buy the same boat again often just wanted a change, or a craft that matched their improving skill levels.

One thing is conclusive – Arctic Raider owners are the wealthy elite – ALL bought their boats new, as compared with the thrifty Greenlander paddlers, who like to sniff out a good second hand bargain. There will be more controversial analysis in the next magazine.

Contributors Hall of Shame
Felons Crimes Editor’s Comment
Shiryn Richards As good as promised me a much needed Women’s Issues article!  Will go down in history as the first female paddler to make the Hall of Shame
Dave Winkworth Made his charming wife Sue give lame excuses for his late contribution! This fine woman deserves a more punctual man! 
Jim Croft Missing the cut-off/still only contactable on mobile phone with crap batteries/simply being Jim Croft. Jim, if your aim is to drive me mad – its working!
Dirk Stuber Strong evidence that his report was penned by some person other than the President.  Best written report we’ve seen from Dirk so far!
Arunas Pilka Shot off to Torres Strait after giving me a password protected Financial spreadsheet which I cannot open to publish. Arunas, what’s with the security!