Backyak [28]

With ‘Tim Bowden’ (also known as Mark Pearson)

Hello everybody, and welcome to the first Backyak, the place where you, the members, have your say about our Club’s magazine, it’s articles and ideas. And the inaugural mailbag is definitely a lively one. Let’s start!

Firstly, there has been strong critical reaction to President Stuber’s piece on ‘running the gauntlet’ in Issue 27. D.M. of Manlyvale, Sydney writes

“Dirk Stuber’s vain attempt to adopt a responsible stance while advocating kamikaze paddling behavior was hilarious in the extreme”

While Mr C.D. of Bundeena put it more bluntly

“surely this man’s got rocks on his head”.

The medical establishment was also stirred to put pen to paper, this from Dr D.G. of the A.I.S., Canberra

“the article surely proves beyond doubt the far reaching effects of prolonged stananozal intake”.

However, not all were critical – Mrs E.J. of Sylvania Waters, NSW, writes

“Mr Stuber is to be commended for his sage advice for those keen on pursuing this dangerous activity – his thoughts surely puts to rest his reputation for being a ‘Resinhead’ – well done!”.

And a final coment from a Miss A.R. of Wollongong

“no matter what he writes about, Dirk’s sensual style does it for me…”

Nick Gill’s sombre analysis of the Eco-carnage caused by kayakers also came in for some attention. Mr. G.P. of Corrimal was irate

“what a load of crap – Mr Gill clearly has a grudge against sea kayakers – maybe because he never really made it as one”.

Also, from B.T. of Campbelltown

“this article smacks of hypocrisy – having deserted sea kayaking for an academic ‘arid zone’ come tax haven, Mr Gill’s now feels safe to portray sea paddlers as public enemy no. 1 – fair go”!

Nick did get some support however

“I was getting heartily sick of the trend towards ‘infotainment’ articles in our Magazine, Mr Gill’s article was heavy going and depressing – let’s have more of it!” said J.C. of Mittagong.

Support also from a Mrs Gill of Adelaide who rang our infoline

“Oh dear, my Nick’s not normally like this, he really was such a pleasant boy…. …until he discovered girls that is… anyway, I’m sure that when his shoulders get better he’ll write about how nice sea kayakers really are…”.

The substantial contributions of Norm Sanders have also not gone unnoticed

“I freely admit to loving anything penned by the Old Sea Dog – but the quality and variety of his work in Magazine 27 was breathtaking – keep it comin’!” drawled N.S. of Tuross Heads.

It was editorial failings that most concerned Prof. J.C. of Campbell, ACT

“I counted no less than 4 typographical errors on pages 3, 4, and 6 and numerous punctuation and typesetting faults on pages 2, 5, 14, 16 and 19. These inexcusable lapses ruined any chance I had of enjoying the magazine (which I tend to look forward to more than most because of my rather boring life). The consistency of these errors seem to be the hallmark of the current Editor – we are entitled to expect better for $20 per annum!”

Mark Pearson’s controversial depiction of his paddling companion Norm Sanders in ‘Lessons from Nadgee’ also provoked a response. Ms M.H. of Tuross Heads, writes

“leave Norm alone – at his age of course he has some anti-social habits, but he’s basically a good man”

and yet more support from Mr D.W. of Tura Beach, N.S.W.,

“I’d rather paddle with Sanders than have my leg bitten off by a Great White, that’s for sure..!”

Andrew Eddy’s trip to south west Tassie also drew attention. L.D of Goulburn commented

“enjoyed Andrew’s story immensely, though his account of ’30 metre wind waves’ was stretching it a bit”.

However, M.P. of Canberra was disenchanted with the account’s lack of the ‘human’ touch

“Mr Eddy would have us believe that he and his companion spent 500 hours together and didn’t even begin to detest each other. – paddling trips just aren’t like that!”

And, finally, reaction to Arunas Pilka’s suggestion for a Club Song – G.E. of Woonoona writes

“I and many others have no desire to hear sea kayakers sing anything – let’s forget the whole idea!”