Enter the ‘Gladiator’ [27]

by Correspondents

The Gladiator, by Sunlidz, was finally revealed to club members at the Skills Weekend at Jervis Bay. The hats have been acquired by acclaimed gear trailblazers Jim Croft and Mark Pearson. While providing the ultimate in sun protection for face, head and neck, the hat is also waveproof, warm, comfortable and, more importantly, stylish!.

Jim Croft models the Gladiator, the sea kayakers hat of the 90’s

The Gladiator can be worn ‘french foreign legion’ style or with the full balaclava in colder conditions. It is secured with adjustable chin and head straps and is virtually immovable even in the heaviest surf – this was proved beyond doubt to the cynics at Target Beach.

Jim and Mark commented that they had expected, and received, some negative comments, but as these generally came from ‘unattractive blokes wearing St. Vinnies specials’, the jibes were like ‘water off a Gladiator hat’. What’s more, the hats had a definite effect on the womenfolk – Jim and Mark were never short of female admirers keen to be close to these charismatic headpieces! Designed for surfers in Queensland, the Gladiator is surely destined to adorn the thinking part of many a sea paddler!