Editorial [27]

By Mark Pearson

Well, as this Magazine is just growing and growing I’ll not waste too much space on this bit (nobody reads it anyway!). I did use up some space on the Hall of Shame – this device is working well with most of our members. It’s just a pity that the same tired old names keep reappearing – maybe the threat of physical pain is required.

I’d like to say thank you to all the contributors, who have provided a range of reading material that would be the envy of some professional magazines. Particular thanks to Norm Sanders for his efforts from both hemispheres. Thanks also to Jim Croft for his precise photo scanning and general assistance and to Arunas Pilka and crew for their assistance in getting this magazine out to you.

NSWSKC Survey of Members

Please accept my profound apologies for the delay in collating the survey results – unfortunately this was beyond my control (see Hall of Shame). We have received 99 returns to date – a great response. Congratulations to Mary Lou Lamonda of Ingleside who was the lucky winner of the $50 Paddy Pallin’s gift voucher.

Womens Issues

One survey return included the suggestion that the magazine would benefit from regular articles written from the perspective of the female paddle. This is a great idea, particularly for those who are heartily fed up with the macho tone of this magazine. I hereby nominate the gallant proposer, Shirin Richards, to get the ball rolling in our September issue. Any topic you like Shirin!

Magazine Contributions

If you have an article or an exciting idea that may result in one, please call me to talk about it, or just send me the article, (on a diskette if possible -preferably MSWord format – all diskettes/photos will be returned).

Members Boat Reviews

This series allows members to detail their experience (good or bad) with their kayak. Thanks to Dave Malcolm for his review of the Arctic Raider in this issue. Still to come:

  • Greenlander II (reviewer Gary Edmond)
  • Dagger Apostle (reviewer Jim Croft)

Would you like to share your thoughts with us on your beloved craft?

Contributor’s Hall of Shame
Felon Crime Editor’s Comment
D. Stuber Mislead me about posting article. Late again. Looking more and more like a one term President!
D. Winkworth Late despite 6 reminder Faxes! How can a man who packs a kayak in ten minutes take so long to get an article in?
J. Croft Failure to deliver Survey database/losing my photos/only contactable on mobile phone with crap batteries. Means well but at 45 is getting on – perhaps should consider generous offer of voluntary redundancy.


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