South Coast News [26]

By David Winkworth

Well, it looks like I’m doing the South Coast News again – come back Nick, all is forgiven! If anyone would like to write this column or send me some interesting news items, please give me a call. Actually that is what this column started as – just a news column from some of “us south coast paddlers’.’ Alright, lets see what’s in the folder for this issue…..

Firstly I suppose it’s the recent “Crash and Burn Spectacular” ….the Pancake Paddle at Mystery Bay. Three boats were badly damaged on the Saturday…all on the rocks. Two of these rock connections were easily avoidable. We hope you guys (neuter gender) will be at the upcoming skills weekend at Honeymoon Bay in April! It was funny last weekend….there were a lot of guys looking at the plastic boats there muttering things like..”Yep, that’ll be my next boat” or “plastic might be OK after all “

Seriously though, the paddlers with damaged boats and maybe a few others too should look very carefully at the sea conditions next time me and ask themselves 2 questions..

  1. Do I have the skills yet to handle these conditions? (forget the “maybe I can sneak past in a lull” approach. Consider your skill level when a big set is upon you.)
  2. Do I need to test my skill level in this hostile environment (ie proximity of rocks and reef).

Sick of being ripped off for sleeping mat foam to pad your cockpit out? Yes? I’ve found a place where you can get seconds of various thicknesses of foam in 8’x 4′ sheets for about $15.00 each. There is a slight catch though. If you want them to post it to you, you’ll have to order a few sheets and cop postage charges too. If you go there in person, you’ll have pick of the pile.

The place is

Thermoplastic Foam Industries
18 Dignity Cres.
West Gosford NSW 2250
Phone: 02 4323 2993
Fax 02 4323 1925

Ask for Anne Germon.

Where has summer gone this year? It’s not that it’s been cold so much… We seem to have missed out on heatwave conditions. Also, the nor ‘easters don’t seem to have been as strong for as long as in previous years. What do you reckon Norm! Can we pin this 1ot an the French in the Pacific?