Editorial [26]

By Mark Pearson

There I was about to start moaning about the lack of incidents in recent Club paddles, and the difficulties this was presenting me as an Editor always keen to please a fickle club membership that demands more and more action in each magazine. And then came the Montague Island weekend. For those that were not present, the thunderous sound of the huge surf was accompanied by the no less dramatic sounds of fibreglass fighting losing battles with rocks, not to mention dismounted paddlers strewn about the surf or climbing breakwalls to escape the monstrous waves. The story and pictures on page 11 tell the tale. Commiserations to the paddlers who lost or damaged their boats, but the experience should stand them in good stead. And the silver lining – the event has provided some much needed material for those exaggerated tales of ‘derring do’ round the trangier. Let’s face it – we were running out of things to talk about!

To this issue… – the lead story Going with the Flow is, in my opinion, the best article for some time – more dramatic than Bad Day at Tuross Bar, yet with all the humour of Deck Bag Mk1. There are also articles originating from the U.S. and New Zealand. And after a strangely timid start, the Old Sea Dog’s Gear Locker is really starting to deliver the goods.

Members Letters

The January issue announcement of the Dear Editor letters page drew a huge response. Unfortunately the bulk of the correspondence was either weird or abusive, such that I was having serious doubts about the whole idea. Anyway I have responded to members queries as best I can, and, who knows, some of the material may be of interest. Do you have a letter in you just begging to be published?

NSWSKC Survey of Members

The survey appears to have been been well received by members with around 80 very interesting offerings to date. Jim Croft has kindly volunteered to feed the information into a database to assist in analysing the returns. Jim has reported some overseas interest on the Internet on our Survey developments. The full results will be published in the June issue, so if you haven’t yet sent yours in please do so. Please include your name on the survey – some anonymous entries have been received (my fault – I forgot to include a Name box) – if yours is one of them please call either myself or Jim Croft so that we can identify your entry.

One standout feature of the returns was the almost universal appreciation of the magazine, especially from paddlers who rarely get to Club events. In my first editorial, I forgot to thank the contributors for making the January edition such an enjoyable and substantial read (I was too busy castigating them for being late!) – hopefully this standard will continue, and I think in this edition it has.

Hard Labour

205 copies of the January magazine were sent out (many to ex financial members in a generous effort to increase membership). This effort took three nights of hard work by a team of four and the poor little club photocopier ran white hot, turning out 4000 copied sheets.

Due to the onerousness of the task and high maintenance costs, the Executive has decided to sell the copier. Club member Chris Soutter, a prominent manager in the Deloitt, Touche, Tomatso company, has very kindly offered the club the use of DTT’s state of the art copying equipment for this and future magazines. This should both enhance the magazine quality and vastly reduce the expense involved for the Club. Thank you Chris and Deloitt.

Members Boat Reviews

Due to this magazine being rushed to the presses to advertise the forthcoming ‘skills’ weekend, there was no time to include any boat reviews. However. I can promise the following in-depth appraisals in coming issues:

  • Greenlander 11 (reviewer Gary Edmond!)
  • Pittarak Expeditioner (reviewer Gary Parker)
  • Dagger Apostle (reviewer Jim Croft)

Magazine Contributions

If you have an article or an exciting idea that may result in one, please call me to talk about it, or just send me the article. (On a diskette if possible – preferably MS Word format – all diskettes/photos will be returned.)

No felons this issue – but don’t get smug you Contributors – my 45 ‘reminder’ phone calls and faxes to meet the externally imposed deadline probably had a lot to do with it!