Rock’n’Roll Weekend [25]

1996 Postscript

By Dave Winkworth

It was great to see so many sea paddlers not only turning up to the Club’s recent Rock’n’Roll Weekend but also participating in the workshops we included this year. An average of 30 paddlers attended each workshop – your interest and participation has given us valuable feedback into what sea kayakers in this state want in the form of skills training. Thanks again to the workshop presenters; Gary Edmond, Norm Sanders, Dirk Stuber and Frank Bakker.

During the year we plan to conduct a number of “specific skills” based training days and weekends and a Rock’n’Roll Weekend which will combine elements of the year’s activities and a little extra.

Feedback I’ve received since the weekend is that we didn’t advertise it widely enough for the benefit of non-members – that is, those non members wishing to join the Club. So this is where you come in. This year we’ll send out information well in advance for members to distribute around their area in outdoor clubs and shops. By the way, if you have any comments on the weekend that might be useful in regard to venue selection, activities or whatever, we would be pleased to hear from you.

During 1996, there will be a number of courses conducted by the NSW Board of Canoe Education for sea paddlers. I commend these courses to you as worthwhile steps in kayaking skills attainment and plain good fun! Some will be training days and weekends while others will be award assessments. They will all be advertised in the Club’s Magazine with plenty of notice. If you’re interested, call the organiser and have a chat about your level of skill and whether the course will benefit you.

We certainly felt the rain on the Saturday night at Honeymoon Bay! I spoke to the service station people at Tomerong on Sunday and they recorded 150mm for the night. Tent-testing weather indeed !

Speaking of rain. our Guest Speakers for the evening: Lindsay and Janice Smith from Southern Ocean Seabird Study Assn (SOSSA) spent hours marooned on the road out of Honeymoon Bay as a virtual river came down the middle of the road!

They did however make it safely back to Wollongong and are continuing their great work with seabirds in our part of the world. Following our donation of $150, the club is officially a member (No.197) of SOSSA. If any members would like to give them a hand on their field trips you would be most welcome. Please call Lindsay or Janice on 02 6271 6004. You can be guarantied to get dirty and learn a lot!