Presidents’s Report [25]

By Dirk Stuber

By all accounts the Rock and Roll weekend (3/4 November) was a huge success with over eighty people attending. On Saturday someone counted 60 kayaks on the beach and at some of the training sessions twenty to thirty people attended, which was a new experience for most of us. Six to eight is considered the optimum number of trainees per instructor. Our thanks to David Winkworth for organising and coordinating a great weekend.

The AGM (3 November) went well and a number of issues where discussed (the minutes are attached to this issue).

After the AGM, a special meeting was held to discuss the Jervis Bay paddle in July, in which some paddlers experienced difficulties due to 25 knot headwinds. In summary, it was agreed that for those who wish to undertake a trip graded three or higher a rigorous self assessment should be made in consultation with the leader (if one is nominated) or the organiser. Also the group shares the responsibility of determining if all those present at start of the trip have sufficient experience and ability and that they possess the necessary equipment. If someone needs to be told that they are not suitable for the trip the group should support the leader/organiser in this onerous task. Once the trip has begun all the usual safety guide-lines are to be followed.

In this magazine you will also find a copy of the trip grading system. It is a very important document, please read it carefully. If you have any comments on the grading system, please include them on NSWSKC Survey.

Our thanks to Gary Edmond for all his work in developing the gradings.

One thing I liked about the AGM and the special meeting was the open, lively and often passionate discussion. I think everyone who wanted to speak had a chance and some useful ideas and motions were put forward.

I think it is a sign of a maturing and healthy club if controversial topics can be discussed openly and honestly. Hopefully everyone is then able to go home free of any gripes and grudges.

The last thing I’d like to say about trips is be kind to the organiser. He/she is giving freely of their time and energy. The organiser deserves your support and encouragement and remember they also want to enjoy the trip they’ve organised.

My final task is to thank the out going members of the executive. The are Vice President Patrick Dibben, Editor Leigh Hemmings and Treasurer Peter Adams. We appreciated their hard work and dedication and wish them all the best. For the names of the new executive please see Page 1.

Happy paddling