Poets’ Corner [25]

Ode to the Roll

By F.K. [aka Fish Killer, aka Mark Pearson]

Why do I roll my kayak?
It’s wet and cold down there
get dirty looks from fish I’ve spooked
and a crying need for air
Why do I roll my kayak?
what pleasure can it bring
can’t say I blame that primal urge
to just vacate the thing
Why do I roll my kayak?
it really is a shame
that if you lift your head too soon
then down you go again
Why do I roll my kayak?
my nose hates upside-down
‘fills too quick to only drip
on land when bending down
Why do I roll my kayak,
no matter what the season?
Well I think I’ve finally worked it out
I think I know the reason
I kind of like the motion
lithe movement, torque, not power
the feel, the joy of pure control
of body, craft and water
And then, alone in awesome seas
whose power may turn me over
I’ll thank the times I did for fun
what just might be my saviour

The following poem is dated early this century and is donated by Dave Winkworth. Does anyone know of the author?

I’m on the sea
I’m on the sea
I am where I would ever be
With the blue skies above
And the blue below
And silence wheresoever I go.